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Learn How To Quickly & Accurately Price Your Services, All While Avoiding The Pitfalls of Illegal Pricing Practices That Are Commonly Used In The Medical Billing Industry!



In This eBook, You’ll Discover…

  • How to avoid commonly used illegal pricing practices for your medical billing services!

  •  How to calculate your rates, using these 4 different quick methods.

  •  You will learn the pros & cons of each pricing method and

  •  How to tie your pricing into your Medical billing contracts.

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Are You are Starting Your Own Medical Billing company, and You are struggling to get your first contract? Well, I wrote the "Winning The Medical Billing Contract," book just for you!



In This eBook, You’ll Discover…

  • What You Will Learn Inside... 

  • What questions you should ask a potential client   

  • Possible questions potential clients will ask you & how to answer them

  • What to bring with you when and if you meet with a prospective client

  • Easy marketing tips that can help you grow your business.


How Much money are you hemorrhaging from under collections, denials, and rejections, because Your Office Staff Doesn't have this ebook…



In This eBook, You’ll Discover…

  • Quickly increase the cash flow of any practice! 

  • This ebook is an essential tool and must-read for the receptionist to the doctor in any medical office!

  • You don't have to keep losing money; This Guide will lead you and your staff, step by step through your practice, and teach you everything you need to know about the medical billing steps for your office.