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Start Your Own Medical Billing Business:

Complete Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

  • 2 hours
  • 35,000 US dollars
  • DFY - 60 Days

Service Description

I am excited about your decision to start your own Medical Billing business. The demand for medical care, coupled with the absence of universal healthcare, makes medical billing an essential profession. In light of the predicted recession in the United States, venturing into medical billing presents a strong business opportunity. Please review the important information below at your own pace: If you have watched my marketing video, I recommend nurturing your leads and engaging potential clients at least 12 times. Due to the size of my team, I handle most of the consulting work myself. Therefore, I am unable to provide personalized attention to every prospective client. If you choose to use my "Done For You" (DFY) services, I will provide comprehensive details and eagerly await your response. Deciding to engage my DFY service is a significant decision. I believe in not pressuring individuals to commit due to the financial investment and effort involved. However, if you become a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) lead, I will persistently pursue your patronage. I encourage you to diligently pursue your own RCM leads once you start your RCM business. While my services may seem similar to those offered by ABS and ClaimTek, they are fundamentally distinct. I am a startup consultant dedicated to building your own RCM business, allowing you to choose your preferred software solution. I provide recommendations, but the final software choice is yours. The comprehensive DFY process takes 60 days to complete. I only accept six DFY clients per year and firmly believe I have perfected the Medical Billing startup process. I will personally build the business for you, delivering a fully operational enterprise. All the services included in the DFY package eliminate the need to book additional services separately. As I set up your business and pursue sales and client contracts, I require you to complete the Medical Billing business setup course within 14-30 days. This ensures a seamless transfer of your business to you. Upon the handover of your business, I commit to providing an additional 60 days of mentoring and support, totaling 120 days of assistance (including the initial 60-day business setup period).

Cancelation Policy

DFY - Consultation is non refundable

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