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DFY- RCM Business Creation

Turn Key Revenue Cycle Management Company Set-Up [

  • 2 hours
  • 20,000 US dollars
  • DFY - 30 Days

Service Description

First Appointment is a $ 1,500.00 Non refundable consultation. Thank you for contacting me. I'm excited for you to start your Medical Billing business. There will always be a need for medical care, and since we don't have universal healthcare, medical billing will always be needed. This is an excellent and steady business option for the coming recession projected to engulf the united states. Important Information Below: Please take your time to read the following information line by line :) [If you watched my marketing video, I encourage you to nurture your leads and contact potential clients at least 12 times!] Because I have a small team and most of the consulting work is done by me, I don't have a large sales team, and I don't have the ability to (nurture you) as a sales lead. So I will give you the full details now and wait to hear from you if you want to go with my (DFY) services... My DFY service is a major decision; I have a rule not to pressure individuals to commit, as it requires a substantial financial commitment and is a major undertaking. However, if you were an RCM lead, I would hound you till the wheels fell off, and you should also chase your RCM leads once you start your RCM business, lol. At first glance, it appears that I offer a similar service to ABS & Claimtek, but my services are totally different. I'm am not (Tech Company) that provides business training around the software. I am a start-up consultant who builds your actual RCM business, and the software you use is your choice. I offer my recommendations, but the software is up to you.     I offer services to people like yourselves and medical professionals who need corporate training/help in their health organizations. Because of my limited time and absolute belief that I have perfected the Medical Billing start-up process, I opt to build the business for you myself and hand over a turn-key business to you.  I offer all my services in the (DFY) services, so you would not need to book my other services separately. While I set your business up and work on your sales and client contracts, I require you to complete the Medical Billing business setup course separately and within 14-30 days so that I can hand over your business to you. I prefer you finish my course in 14 days so we can start your sales training ASAP. Once I hand over your business, I will provide an additional 90 of mentoring and support. After the 120 days (including your 30-day business setup),

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