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Work from home


You won't get better training anywhere else; we checked! Our support is ongoing, & our goal is for you to succeed.

Other companies charge $27,000.00 + for a fraction of the information we teach you. Yes, We want you to keep most of your money & use it for set-up, marketing, staffing, & overhead! 

You won't regret saving that money & putting into your own business rather than mine!

Mistakes Made

We made mistakes & lost a lot of money due to those mistakes. This course shows you how to avoid the issues we had so you can save your money, grow faster & prosper.


We share resources you can't find anywhere else, & we are continually updating them as they change & grow.


Joining this community of students will provide you with ongoing training & support as you start & grow your business.

Individual courses:


1. Running a Medical Billing Business: $499.00

2. The Guide to Medical Billing: $250.00

3. Practice Management Systems: $250.00

4. Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim: $250.00

5. HIPAA: $250.00

6. BC/BS: $250.00

7. EOBs: $250.00

8. Medicare & Other Government Insurance: $250.00

9. Medical Coding: $250.00

Business Meeting

My course gives you a comprehensive education on the setup, structure & operations of a Medical Billing business

Buy The Full Course & Save $700.00


You will learn how to operate the Medical billing business from all angles.

— Name, Title

Women Colleagues

Dont worry, we have you covered!

We understand you may not have much formal training or experience in medical billing, so that's why we packed this course with all the information you (need to know) to start your billing business & thrive!

We call this a (Steak & Potatoes Course.)

We left the garnish off & packed it with essential ingredients in an easy to learn format!

Watch what one of my students said about the course.

Start A Medical Billing Business

Whether you’re brand new & want to start a Medical Billing Business, or you’re already in the Healthcare field,
we’re here to help! 
My experts take you by the hand & give you all the resources you need to succeed!

Buy The Full Course & Save $700.00


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